“When I heard him playing, he reminded me why I love music.”

Il Fenomeno, Aniello Desiderio

“… The interpretations of Saritepe are sensetive, deep, colorful and fresh, leaving no doupt that his music touches our hearts…”

Prof. Kagan Korad

“Ozan Saritepe instantly struck me as a brilliant artist with a bright and elegant future.”

Prof. Enno Voorhorst

“…Ozan’s musical phrase is never ‘trendy’ but fresh and personal, enjoying every note he plays, like he was improvising…”

Prof. Jorge Oraison

About debut album Sonidos de Paisajes-Music of Spain

“Saritepe has achieved a rare thing by creating a musical concept free from cliché; the music of Spain is as exciting as it ever was and should continue to be so. It is delivered here with unpretentious flair and skillful artistry.”

 –Classical Guitar Magazine-